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The going theory is that Lyle, the older of the brothers, was the mastermind behind the killings. He's normally seen by experts and observers as somebody with a bad temper and with sociopathic tendencies (although he's never been diagnosed). Erik confessed to the killings in a session with his therapist, L. Jerome Oziel, but Lyle eventually threatened Oziel. However, Erik wrote a screenplay before the murders about a rich man who murders his parents for money. The on-the-record reason is that Lyle and Erik killed their parents after years of sexual and physical abuse, but since that evidence is circumstantial, the jury is still out on the real motivations, so to speak. Another going theory is that the brothers did it for money, since both spent a lot in the months after the murders -- almost $700,000 according to Vanity Fair. Erik testified that he and his brother went to a Santa Monica store to purchase handguns for protection, yet were told there was a 15-day waiting period. However, in cross examination, lawyers said that the store the duo claimed to visit had stopped selling guns three years before the murders took place. Erik and Lyle then bought shotguns. The police didn't immediately test the brothers for gunshot residue at the crime scene, which is one strike against authorities, but there is also suspicion that the judge and the District Attorney were colluding with each other. Since many believed the abuse defense, it always confused people, including Abramson, how the two got life sentences.

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