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A Texas jury has found a former San Antonio criminal defense attorney guilty of having sex with his clients in exchange for legal services. He faces… Courts and lawyers often use the words “forum” and “venue” interchangeably. However, the terms have different meanings and have significantly… The University of North Texas Dallas College of Law this summer will welcome Angela Felecia Epps as the new leader of the law school. Epps takes over at a critical time for the school as it works to earn full accreditation. Gary Martin Hays & Associates P.C. With this su


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The LawGeex AI was trained on tens of thousands of NDAs, using custom-built machine learning and deep learning technology. The machine was trained based on an exclusive corpus of documents that presented the LawGeex algorithm with a variety of examples, which allowed it to distinguish between different legal concepts. This level of technology for analyzing legal documents has only been possible with advances in computing over the last five years. Computers convert the text into a numeric representation. The image below is a visualization of how computers read the text. Each