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Jennings  has filed to be a candidate again in 2018, with the aim to win a fourth term. Jennings has filed nomination papers and will be the Democratic Party nominee if no other person from that party files as a candidate by 5 p.m. Wednesday, the final date to file for the 2018 primary election. "I hope to continue the partnership that my office has developed with area law enforcement over the years in order to provide as safe a community as we can," Jennings said Wednesday in a statement to the Journal. "As this community continues to grow and expand, the challenges that my office faces on a daily basis also increases. I’m proud of the efforts that everyone within my office puts forth to meet these challenges." Jennings, 54, lives in Sergeant Bluff. He first won office in 2006, then was successful in winning re-election bids in 2010 and 2014. Jennings leads a team of attorneys who prosecute criminal cases and provide legal expertise to county departments. He pointed to a new division that handles collections of overdue fines, which exceeded $1 million within the first two years, and 28 percent of that amount goes to the county's general fund budget. He also is proud of a program to better serve victims of domestic violence, as aided by a three-year federal grant.

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