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Lawmakers Pass ‘Sara’s Law’ To ‘Protect’ Attorneys In Least Effective, Most Insulting Way Possible In response to the tragic killing of Sara Quirt Sann , a family law attorney gunned down in her office by her client’s estranged husband, the Wisconsin legislature has passed a law sending a harsh message to any future assailant who kills a family law attorney that they “could have any weapons they own confiscated.” Technically, the law, Assembly Bill 825, creates a felony punishable by up to 6 years in prison and a $10,000 fine, and allows the state to confiscate guns from anyone who harms “or threatens to harm” a family law attorney, guardian ad litem, or corporation counsel. That sounds slightly more useful until you remember that attacks like the one that killed Sann typically come without any specific, actionable threat against the attorney. When family law attorneys are victims of deadly violence, which they are far too frequently, they’re only at best indirectly or vaguely threatened, rendering the law useless as anything but a penalty enhancement after the fact. That doesn’t do much to prevent the violence. If there’s a common denominator in attacks against family law attorneys that could provide some predictable forewarning, it’s someone with a history of violence and threatening behavior toward the attorney’s client, with the family lawyer targeted by proxy. So if one cared about alleviating the hazards facing family law attorneys, one could confiscate weapons from any known, violent domestic abuser subject to a restraining order, but the NRA hates that so that’s a no-go in Wisconsin . It’s not that this law, which lawmakers have dubbed “Sara’s Law,” isn’t worth passing. Just because a law can’t solve 100 percent of a problem doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a worthwhile start. But this law — passed through the Wisconsin Senate without debate — underscores the toxic cynicism guiding crime policy: State Sen. Jerry Petrowski, R-Marathon, released this statement after the bill passed.

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